What Not To Wear: Masters Edition

Masters what not to wear

Most people have never been to a golf course yet, alone one of the most famous golf courses on the planet. So, naturally, most people are not sure what to wear to a golf course. Men and women have different choices on what they can wear to a golf course and it can be confusing on what you are allowed to wear to the Masters Golf. Luckily, we are here to show you what not to wear and what to wear to the Masters. The Masters Golf is set for April 11-14, CBS Sports Network will air the Masters live from Augusta.



Men can wear golf spikes to the Masters but only if they have plastic spikes on the soles. If they have metal spikes then they cannot wear them to the tournament as they will tear up the ground making it more difficult for the grounds crew. I would recommend that you wear tennis shoes or just plain comfortable sneakers. You will be walking around all day long so having a pair of sneakers that are not rough on your feet will be important. I would avoid sandals as you could end up with some painful blisters where you do not want them. Check on the forecast as Augusta is a very hilly golf course so you will be going up and down hills for a lot of the day and if it is raining then those hills quickly become muddy and slippery so a pair of golf spikes might be your best option if there is rain in the forecast.


Women can also wear golf spikes as long as they do not have metal spikes on them. Most people recommend that you wear a pair of sneakers as there is going to be too much walking to do unless you stay at one hole for the entire day but most people want to wander around the golf course. Please do not wear a shoe with a heel as your feet will be exhausted from walking around all day. Sandals are another no go as you will end up with blisters on your feet from walking all day long.



Most of the time the Georgia heat will force men to wear shorts to the event. Augusta Country Club mandates that you wear golf shorts to the event so you cannot wear any workout shorts to the event or they will not let you in. You can find khaki or golf shorts for relatively cheap at a Dick’s Sporting Goods Store or a Walmart. If by chance is is cold enough for pants make sure they are golf pants or slacks. Denim is not allowed at Augusta.


Women have a large variety of clothing that they can wear. Many women wear khaki pants or shorts as the weather can get very warm during the masters and women want to stay cool. They are also allowed to wear leggings so there will be plenty of Lululemon on display at the 2019 Masters. You will also see women wearing stylish skirts and that is a great choice to stay cool in the Georgia heat.

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Polo is the most common shirt that you will see a man wear at the Masters Tournament 2019. It is a great choice as there are so many different styles of polos out there that you can match whatever you are wearing with your polo. If there is rain in the forecast make sure that you bring a poncho so your clothes do not get soaking wet. You can also get an expensive golf rain jacket, they work really well but they cost about 100 times more than a poncho. You can also wear a t-shirt to the Masters as long as it is not vulgar.


A lot of women love to wear sundresses to the Masters as the weather is usually perfect for that type of outfit. Women also like to wear polos and jackets depending on what the weather forecast is for that day. If there is rain there will be plenty of women wearing ponchos to keep all of their clothes dry just like the guys. There are plenty of stylish choices that you can wear and great ways to mix up your outfit.


Both men and women should be rocking sunglasses as there is generally a lots of sun and you will not want to be squinting the entire time you are at the tournament. Also make sure that you wear a hat, a hat can protect you from the harmful sun rays and spare your skin from all of the extra wrinkles from the sun. If you are not a hat person or are scared that a hat will make you become bald then wear a visor instead. They have the same effect as a hat and they can be very stylish if you find the right one.

Check the weather forecast!!! April in Georgia is an unpredictable time weather wise. There have been Masters tournaments where all the fans can wear shorts and dresses and there have been tournaments where it has been chilly and rainy.

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