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In every sport that’s played throughout the globe, there’s always highlight videos to watch whether it’s a forward on the pitch scoring a goal or a fighter getting a submission in the final rounds, there’s always impressive feats to watch. To watch those highlights, you can check out sports highlight websites.

The problem with most of them t is they feature videos of everything from the day, which is okay if you’re a fan of them all. But, if you aren’t, then you’re stuck having to watch something you don’t really care about. To help you get specific with what you want a watch, here’s a breakout on how to watch exclusive highlights video features from top plays of the day based on the sport you like.

Soccer Highlights

The primary place that people go on the web to watch soccer highlights is BBC for Match of The Day. MOTD is all about Premier League Soccer and what happened on the pitch between its biggest teams. There are other websites for soccer fanatics to check out plays at too from other leagues and games like Sports Highlights Today, ESPN FC, and FootyRoom.

Supercross Highlights

This is one of those sports where fans are either really into it or they would like to move on and watch something else. For that reason, there really aren’t a whole lot of spots online to check out the highlights, yet, the ones that are published offer some pretty impressive content. Options include Supercross highlights, Live (which is the official website of the entire sport), Racerxonline, and Dirtbike Magazine.

Cricket Highlights

Much like trying to find the top videos of the day, week, or month for supercross, there also aren’t that many places to go for cricket highlights on the web. Some consist of Dailymotion, ICC-Cricket, and WillowTV.

Golf Highlights

Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few spots online to check out highlights of this sport. The big one is the official PGA website, where you can see best shots, hole overviews, and event stories. The is another main place to watch golf videos since it’s typically the major broadcaster of professional golf events. Some others out there are,, and

Fight Highlights

Who doesn’t like seeing a good knock-out, right? Or, a solid submission hold? To see these awesome feats over and over again, the places to head to are PremiereBoxingChampionions and BoxingVideo for boxing. For MMA, websites to visit are or

These are just a few of the exclusive websites for specific sports highlights as there are a plethora of additional ones as well. A few others out are YouTube, RoarTube, Quora, and Skysports.

From this breakout, you should be able to watch the exclusive highlights you want of the specific sports you want without much trouble. From here on out, there will be no more having to watch sports highlights that you don’t care about.

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