Do you think horse racing is not cruel?

Horse Racing is not cruel

As I read about the preparations that are taking place for the Grand National race on April 6th and figure out how to watch the full Grand National race live stream, I ponder a few things. After reading different articles on the race, learning about how the horses are cared for, and from growing up around horses and horse racing, I come to a decision of my own. I do not think that horse racing is cruel.

I am sure that many people will not agree with me, and that’s okay. My grandfather raised my sister and I around horses and racing in general. I’ve grown to love and become close to many horses that raced in my life and the feeling was mutual I feel. Every horse that raced was taken care of as if they were royalty. They had a massage therapist, which I do not even have now. They had the best of everything. They lived happily amongst their friends and had so many people that loved them as if they were their own children.

Racing horses is a spectator’s sport and the way I see it, the horses are not fighting with one another, they are simply racing one another. To me, I think about when I ran track and how I was racing others too. I was not treated as well as these horses are, because I didn’t make millions of dollars when I raced, I just won medals. Maybe people do not like horse racing because they believe it is cruel, and everyone has the right to their opinion. However, before you make this statement, you should pay a visit to one of the stables where the race horses live, and you’ll see that they are treated better than most humans.

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