Daniel Jacobs Working Hard for Saul Alvarez

Daniel Jacobs Working Hard for Saul Alvarez

Daniel Jacobs is working hard for Saul Alvarez fight on May 4th. Fans and spectators will see when they watch Daniel Jacobs vs Canelo Alvarez live. What is Daniel Jacobs doing as a part of his training for this fight? He is watching what he eats and has a strict diet, so he can make the weigh-in as well as stay fit and tough for the fight.

Daniel Jacobs is grinding very hard for the Canelo Alvarez fight on May 4th. He is considered one of the best middleweights of his time.  He has returned and he says now he is stronger and more focused than ever. Jacobs and his trainer have been working very hard in the gym every day. His trainer said that they are working Daniel harder than he has ever been worked before.

Jacobs is preparing properly and strong as well. They are not taking any shortcuts as far as training goes with Daniel. Jacobs and his trainer are working really hard to get in shape and also show the world who Jacobs really is as a person and a true fighter.

Another huge part is the training of Daniel Jacobs is his faith. Jacobs is a man of true faith. If it wasn’t for his faith, he would not have beaten cancer. When you have faith and talent, plus the hard training that Jacobs has, he’s sure to go far in his career and possibly grab a win from Canelo. Daniel Jacobs has a nutritionist and a training partner that helps him incorporate circuit training into his workout a few times a week. Jacobs also has gotten his diet down to a science. His trainer is also focusing on the diet and proper ratios of carbs, proteins, fats, and micronutrients. This will help him recover after the tough workouts.  Daniel’s trainer said working out is important, but rest and recovery are what will win the fights for Jacobs.

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